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What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is gaining popularity in UK at a rapid pace. More and more people are opting for underlfoor heating as a main source of heating for their homes. In some cases people are replacing the traditional heating system of radiators with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is where pipes are placed under the floor by covering them with special screed which then heats up the rooms/house from beneath the floor.

How does underfloor heating work?

The heating is controlled by a manifold and themostat which controls the heating just like the radiators, however, a boiler is still required similar that of the radiators.

Underfloor heating design:

The design of underfloor heating is the distribution of lower temperature of hot water through a circuit of special flexible pipes beneath the floor covered by special screed. The pipes will obviously be covered and will not be seen. The heat is controlled by thermostats to ensure there is a consistent temperature either in individual zones or the entire property. The design will be discussed with the customer prior to any work being carried out.

Underfloor heating price:

The cost of underfloor heating is dependent on the property and its requirement. A typical 2 bedroom property installation would cost approximately £4000 - £5000 including material, this is a guide price and not to be taken as a definitive price. For more details please consult our team.