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Radiator Repair And Installation

One of the oldest ways of heating a house or a building is to install radiators. These are extremely effective and consist of metal panels through which hot water is pumped via the boiler. The best locations to mount radiators are on the external windows, usually, under the windows. This is for several reasons, firstly because it is easier to mount on external walls and secondly, these areas are the coldest areas in the house. Radiators use the heat from the hot water to heat the air around them and subsequently the rooms become warm and comfortable. Radiators have been used in houses in the UK since the 1800’s, and have been an integral part of a house. It is considered a norm to have radiators in a house as it is economical and long lasting with minimum maintenance.

How do radiators work

These are extremely effective and consist of metal panels through which hot water is pumped via the boiler. The radiators are connected to each other by copper pipes which are also connected to a boiler. The boiler heats the water and by the aid of a pump the water is then moved through the pipes to the radiators and is returned to the boiler for the process to be repeated again and again until the heating is turned off. Once the heating is turned off, the radiators remain hot as the water in the radiators will take some time to cool down. This gives the added benefit of the room/s remaining warm for a longer period. The Radiators do require maintenance as with all other mechanical devices. The radiators at times need repair work such as, securing the mount on the walls due to screws becoming loose, the valves need changing, or that there is a leak on a radiator, or radiators require bleeding due to excess air in the radiators and pipes.

Some issues for which you may wish to call us for a repair or maintenance work

Like everything in life we must also accept that radiators can malfunction and we may need help in repairing or maintaining our home heating system. Some of the common issues that keep on coming up from our customers when we receive calls are about cold radiators, radiators whistling, radiators hissing, radiators clicking, half-cold half-warm radiators, radiators falling off walls, and radiator leaks which will require some type of repair or maintenance work. Furthermore, there are other issues which can also require repair work. The list is endless however; the following are some of the more common problems that we are contacted for:

At times work such as waterflow issues i.e. the waterflow is restricted or that the water is redirected at the middle part of the radiator or the bottom. This would indicate that there is some rust that is obstructing the flow of water and blocking the pipes. However, lime scale can also cause problems to the radiators, for both of the issues there are specialist solutions and chemicals that are used to flush the system clean.

There are occasions when a radiator is totally cold and is not heating up at all, this would require a thorough investigation of the heating system to identify the issue as it can be rust blocking the pipes, valves that are frozen and stopping the water from flowing and or a problem with the boiler.

All the above are just some of the common issues that we face on a regular basis from our customers. In all those cases it is advisable to call a qualified plumber to repair the heating system.

Benefits Of Our Radiator Repair And Installation Services

We have qualified tradesperson to carry out any repair work on radiators and boilers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and we maintain that standard whenever we attend any job. We ensure that our customers are TOTALLY satisfied with our advice and quote before we carry out any work. We also ensure that we explain the work involved, the parts that will be needed, or if a boiler is not worth repairing; we will advise them of that and the cost of either the repair of the issue at hand or a new boiler installation. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have faith in our work and workmanship that they will not be disappointed. We also ensure that we leave the work area spotless where possible. We do not simply leave after work leaving a huge pile of mess behind for the customer to clean up.

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Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We cover Coventry and Warwickshire and can be contacted easily by either emailing or calling us on the number provided. Our quality of work and years of experience have made us one of the best companies in Coventry. Our team is fully qualified & registered on the gas safe register and have years of experience which can be seen from the work that we do when repairing or from any installation work. Once the work is complete we will only leave once our customers are completely happy with our work. We also inform our customers that they are welcome to call us after we have left for any additional advice or information.