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Boilers are a very important part of our lives and we depended on them for hot water and heating in our homes. This is essential during the winter months that a boiler is fully working. Boiler repairs and installations are some of the work that we carry out. Whether a new or an old boiler; there is always a chance that a repair may be required as with any machinery. We repair boilers regularly and endeavour to keep the cost down on repairs and parts. It is recommended that an annual boiler service is carried out in order to give the boiler extra life and also to avoid any unforeseen boiler breakdowns.

About Boiler Installation & types of boiler:

Installing a boiler is very important for our homes and family. It is almost a necessity in or lives to have a working boiler in our homes. However, it needs to be installed by a qualified installer. Installing a boiler according to the current regulations is paramount and it should ONLY be done by someone who is qualified and Gas Safe registered. As it involves gas work, it should ONLY be done by someone who has the relevant qualifications and is registered on the Gas Safe register. The way to know if someone is registered is to ask for their registration number and also if they display a Gas Safe logo on their paperwork/website/van/work garb etc.

The work that is involved in an installation is not simply hanging or mounting a boiler on the wall. It covers a number of things such as mounting the boiler safely, connecting the gas supply, connecting all the pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, controls, electric connections, appurtenances, flue, and all other necessary connections and checks that is required.

We also install boilers of all makes i.e. Valliant, Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi, Main, are some of the makes that we install on a regular basis. We will advise as to which would be most suitable taking into account your financial situation. There are several types of boilers and these are Combi boilers, heat only and system boilers. These will be explained in detail if required. It is important that you ask all the questions you have in mind as we are prepared to answer whatever is required to put your mind at rest prior to any work. Boilers are machines, and there are always the chance that it may malfunction but do not despair, we are always a phone call away to advise and assist you in whatever way we can.

Boiler Installation Cost:

The cost of installing a boiler varies depending on a number factors i.e. make and model of the boiler, location of the boiler, pipe work etc. It is difficult to give an exact price for reasons stated, however, as a GUIDE ONLY the cost would be between £1200 - £1800 for a quality boiler installation ONLY. Additional cost will be applied if there is pipe work and or any other work that will be required. It is extremely difficult to take guesses on any work without taking a look at the job and its location, there may be walls, old pipes, difficult areas to access, and other issues that may determine the overall cost of a job. However, this will be discussed with the customer in detail before ANY work is carried out.

In order for an installation, the customer should ensure that the area is clear of any furniture/heavy items/ or any other item that would come in the way of the work. Additionally, the customer should also cover any surfaces with relevant protectors. The installer will also do the same before any work begins. If a new boiler is being installed then the main gas supply as well as the main water supply will be turned off from the mains for the duration of the installation. Therefore, it is advisable that alternative arrangements are made for water and heating. Once again all this will be discussed prior to any work is undertaken.